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The Word Art is fine art in word form. This Christian artwork depicts patriotic quotes and Bible scripture in raised three dimensional letter form. Each picture is custom designed and is a handcrafted limited edition. Patriotic quotations, Biblical scriptures and personal photo pictures make beautiful gifts.

The United States was founded on strong moral values and Godly principles. “The Word Art” is dedicated to the restoration and reinforcing of these values and to “spreading the good news” in quality art work. Custom designed patriotic quotations and scripture artwork is an ideal way to:
* Memorialize patriotic quotations and or scripture that is especially meaningful to you
* Provide a lovely decorative focal point for your home or office
* Encourage good principles and values and spread the good news
* Gracefully share the Word of God with others
* Create a daily reminder of the inspiration set down by our founding fathers and those found in the scripture
* Bless a loved one with a memorable, meaningful gift.

Our desire is that you will have beautiful art in word form that is especially meaningful to you and will memorialize special events in your life.

We also offer other pictures in word form such as birth, wedding and anniversary announcements. Available also is hand molded lettering on a printed personal photograph. Please inquire about any special designs you are interested in.

Because our pictures are formatted to your design specifications, we will need to call you to discuss the design options you prefer. The Word artwork is formatted according to the quotation or scripture you have chosen.

Our pictures are hand crafted. The letters are hand molded; the painted backgrounds are hand painted; and the paper backgrounds are hand made papers that are imported from around the world. Each picture will be unique.

The backgrounds available are:
*Hand-painted: Neutral, Blue Sky, and Multi-metallic
*Hand-made Paper: Neutral, Leather-look, Charcoal, White with Leaves, White Paper with Purple Petals, and White Paper with Flowers
*Printed photographs: Horizontal Flag, Hanging Flag, Single Star Flag, All Stars Vertical, All Stars Horizontal and Blue Sky
*Scroll: made of fabric, it comes in various sizes and is contained in a shadow box. Please inquire of various sizes and prices, if interested.

Select “Background Gallery” to view examples of the backgrounds available. Please select the background you most enjoy or best fits your décor.

Select “Patriotic Gallery” to view examples of the patriotic quotations, documents and songs available.

Select “Scripture Gallery” to view examples of the scripture verses available.

We will work with you in the design process. See the specifications page for all the available selections.

We reserve the right to refuse a picture design.

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